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research student quadcopters and fix-wing UAV

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high stability control algorithm development for UAV



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sachyy jay replied to sachyy jay's discussion how to generate radio PPM signals using arduino mega 2560
"i tested the output of the signals with connected to a servo and it was working, but when i connect it to the copter control board, it doesn't work :("
Feb 24, 2014
sachyy jay replied to Mark Grennan's discussion X-Plain Simulator Setup
"can anybody tell me is there a way to interfere the PPM singnal from RC receiver to arducopter board ?  i was trying to read the value using pulsein() and write using servo mapping 1000 -2000 0 -179 didn't work :( please help me thanks in advance"
Feb 24, 2014
sachyy jay posted a discussion
I am currently doing some research on quadcopters and i am developing an algorithm to stabilize the quadcopter more.i need to read the PPM signals from the RF receiver (which i have done using PulseIn() function)as the first phase i tried to bypass…
Feb 24, 2014