1500mW 900Mhz Video Tx

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  • Hey Saurabh....using such a big Vtx and that too on 900 Mhz completely defeats the purpose that you are trying to establish...first of all In India 900 Mhz is used by cellphone operators that will cause frequency clashes and subsequently shorter range..keep in mind they have far more powerful transmitters than ours ...also that 1.5 WATT Tx is screaming in the ear of any the other receivers in the vicinity like a GPS Rx, Telemetry module or the Radio Rx....you don't want one juggernaut Tx just swamping all your radio equipment with its massive energy ...keep in mind even though they work on different frequencies the harmonics of the Tx will carry massive amounts of energy which can easily black out any radio comm link...if it hasnt happened yet does not mean It cannot happen remember in the air anything that  can go wrong will go wrong...this policy may just help you save this costly and beautiful build of yours....I like the quality of your build it is very clean and sturdy...the barometer is not covered by the way (Its important)...try and invest in a lower powered Vtx about 800mW at 433 Mhz or 5.8Ghz with a circular polarized antenna pair and you may easily get a mind boggling video range of about 17-18 Kms on your model..

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