3D ArduPilot Mega Board

3D ArduPilot Mega Board

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  • I have a question regarding the three axis gyro unit from Inversense that comes with the ardupilot board. Which model type is used? some can be set to a full scale range of 250 deg/sec or 500 and so on.
  • Developer
    Thank you, Nathaniel!

    This board was modeled and rendered on Lightwave3D. Those 3D objects have being used for virtual mounting tests, mockup and illustration at ArduCopter's project. For mounting tests we export the objects to Google Scketchup format. Maybe we will post those exported objects for the community use on their personal projects. If it happens, probably will be shared here:

  • Moderator

    Incredible work! I use Solidworks and OneCNC XR2 at work, so I have an appreciation for how much work went into these renderings. What format are they in? Can you post them?
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