3DR Y6

RCTimer 2830 750Kv Motors, HK Blue 30Amp W/ Simon K, 5000 Mah 4s.

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    4S6P 60A battery pack – Retail: €235,00 +VAT

    Cell count: 24
    Cell type: Li-ion NCR18650GA 10A
    Battery pack capacity: 21Ah
    Voltage (nominal) 14.4V
    Maximum voltage: 16.8V
    Power: 352Wh (calculated on 100% SoC / at maximum voltage)
    Maximum continuous discharge current: 60A
    Pulse (10sec): > 80A / 1770W – Burst discharge generates overheating of cells and if is not actively cooled may affect the lifespan of these. Read on webpage what shortens lithium battery life.
    Maximum recommended charge voltage (CV): 16.4V (for lifespan)
    Maximum allowable charge voltage (CV): 16.8V
    Maximum charging current (CC): 10A (for maximum energy storage)
    Weight: +/- 1200g (including wiring harnesses, connectors & covering)
    Physical dimensions: 16 x 5.5 x 7cm, or fully customizable on order.
    Discharge connector: XT90 or EC5
    Discharge wire type: Flexible silicone insulated copper 12AWG
    Discharge wire length (pack to connector end) +/- 100mm
    Balance plug: JST-XH 5-pin
    Balance wire length (pack to connector end): 40mm
    External, the battery pack are covered in Blue/Black PVC film (0.12mm). Inside, the cell block is surrounded with a laminated aramid fiber shield (0.50 mm).


    These battery packs are not protected by the internal BMS, and are manufactured for the intended to use with a external charger with proper protection and balancing circuitry for this kind of lithium-ion cells (Read on webpage about cautions and instructions).

    All battery packs are precisely and carefully handmade by a CMEC technician , and are intended to use for UAVs which are suitable for various industry applications, such as television broadcasting, signal relay, video surveillance, surveying and mapping, aerial photography, pipeline and powerline patrol, medical aids, agriculture.

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