Adam A ArduPilot Mega IMU

Adam A ArduPilot Mega IMU

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  • I for one would welcome a n00b thread. I would like to build a SkyWalker to take the place of my home made foam photo drone. It has basic RC gear. I just fly it around while the camera shoots. I am guessing that the SkyWalker would carry an 8 gram camera aloft with no problem?
  • It may be timely to start a n00b thread. So much is happening at the moment.
  • And if you want to send telemetry via XBee, you need to replace "Serial.print" with "Serial3.print".
    It took me 2 hours of frightened cable-switching before I figured this out (I hate switching cables on $270 worth of hobby hardware -- there's a big risk of letting the smoke out).
  • Ha! There's another special moment for us n00b5.
    I had forgotten the choose the Arduino Mega in the Board options under 'Tools'.
    It has been clear sailing from there.
  • Yes, very good feeling. Now if I could just get the code in there....
  • Don't you love it when they light up for the first time?
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