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I am a 30 year-old engineer from Long Island, New York. I am a full-time engineer and part-time Physics grad student in the Los Angeles area of California, where I plan to stay for the foreseeable future.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm looking to learn about flying and control systems. My UAV plan is: (1) Learn to fly (requires plane, radio, flight club, AMA membership) (2) Build a sensor/camera payload with a commercial open-source IMU, a data logger, Airwave A/V TX/RX modules, and a NTSC camera. Maybe I'll throw an OSD in there between the camera and the Airwave TX module. (3) Fly with the payload, and record sensor measurements. (4) Use sensor measurements to set control algorithm, and try flying with autopilot. (5) Repair plane and return to step 1.


SoCal, USA

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John_NY replied to John_NY's discussion MediaTek GPS or OilPan Problem
"At first I thought the OilPan IMU was the problem, but even on its own the Ardupilot Mega is weird.
Since the APM has not had any use as an autopilot, due to all the GPS errors, I went to repurpose just the APM (no OilPan) as a GPS device.  The APM…"
Nov 30, 2012
John_NY replied to Mike R.'s discussion Oilpan died after a dozen flights, while getting ready to fly again..
"Don't think I'll be any help, but I've been doing some debugging of my own APM/IMU, and ended up breaking the problem down by separating the two boards.  
If you have a USB FTDI cable you might try separating the two boards and trying to talk to the…"
Jul 16, 2012
John_NY replied to John_NY's discussion MediaTek GPS or OilPan Problem
"One test I just ran was to unplug the IMU and try to use it like an FTDI cable.
I don't know whether this is a valid use of the IMU -- The label on some of the pins seems to match what a FTDI cable would say (see attached).
When I connected the GPS…"
Jul 14, 2012
John_NY posted a discussion
I have a MediaTek GPS, attached to Ardupilot Mega + Oilpan, which I bought around Spring 2011, and last used around that time.  The MediaTek GPS does not work when the Oilpan  (FoxTrap 2.2, 5/24/2010)  is plugged in.I followed the instructions on…
Jul 14, 2012
John_NY commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DARPA creating its own DIY Drones--"UAVForge"!!!
"This is weird -- I'd imagine DARPA and "Crowd Source" would be mutually exclusive due to ITAR.  In fact the "Terms of Use" (Section 14) says that participants must adhere to ITAR and whatever the "Export Administration Act" is.  How the heck do you…"
Jun 1, 2011
John_NY commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How to mod a Multiplex EasyStar
"I extended my ESC-to-Motor wires to make a cable extension for each of the 3 wires.  To make each of these 3 extensions, I twisted together 2 pair of 18 AWG wire (harvested from a computer PSU during a conversion to a laboratory power supply) and…"
Feb 10, 2011
John_NY commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How to mod a Multiplex EasyStar
"@AndreB -- I used a 3 blade prop on the advice of Jason Short, because of the sound ("bzzzzzzz" vs "wopwopwop")
It's the…"
Jan 11, 2011
John_NY commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How to mod a Multiplex EasyStar
"@AndreB - I'm also building an EasyStar drone.  According to some suggestions I used a 6x4 3-blade pusher prop (Tower) and a 2200kev motor (HK).  As a total newbie I did not know I needed something to mount the prop, but I eventually bought a Great…"
Jan 11, 2011
John_NY left a comment for Kim Halavakoski
"Regarding EasyStar vs Twinstar -- do you want ailerons? I have no flight experience yet, but it seems that ailerons and straight wings are likely to give better waypoint navigation, but you will have to figure out how to hook up the twin motors (the…"
Nov 17, 2010
John_NY left a comment for Kim Halavakoski
"Easystar was recommended to me. Check my profile for an EasyStar configuration recommended by Jason."
Nov 13, 2010
John_NY commented on DougB's blog post One way to Restore a bricked xBee
"You have my effusive thanks for documenting this! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
This method worked on the second try."
Sep 17, 2010
John_NY commented on John_NY's blog post Multiplex Easy Star UAS Configuration
"Skate pic:
Buying this piecemeal was a bit frustrating -- my tail was delayed 2 months! So I purchased another tail set, which came without the rudder/elevator horns. With some Polymorph/ShapeLock experience already under my belt, I decided to make…"
Aug 13, 2010
John_NY commented on AKRCGUY's photo
"And if you want to send telemetry via XBee, you need to replace "Serial.print" with "Serial3.print".
It took me 2 hours of frightened cable-switching before I figured this out (I hate switching cables on $270 worth of hobby hardware -- there's a big…"
Aug 12, 2010
John_NY commented on AKRCGUY's blog post DIY Drones Store CMOS Camera?
"I'd probably use some polymorph (http://shapelock.com/ or http://www.robotshop.com/productinfo.aspx?pc=RB-Dag-09), and a pan-tilt mount (http://www.robotshop.com/dagu-mini-pan-and-tilt-kit.html).
I haven't gotten my pan-tilt mount yet, but that's my…"
Aug 12, 2010
John_NY commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Testing GPS vs. Pressure Sensor Altitude
"Units please on the altitude measurement! Are you using inches, feet, meters? Thanks! I've wanted to find the accuracy/precision of the barometric sensor on the APM OilPan, and this looks like a good plot to figure that out.
Aug 11, 2010
John_NY commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Unboxing the Feiyu FY-3ZT IMU autopilot
"433MHz is legal if you have an FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class license. Amateur Radio bands are not for commercial use. Hope that helps!
Jul 2, 2010