ArduCopter 2 axis camera mount

New ArduCopter camera mount for bottom installations. 2 Axis and it can be fitted on all original ArduCopter frames like Tri, Quad and Hexa.

It can hold all normal size pocket cameras and GoPros etc. Maximum width for camera is 110mm and height 100mm

(This picture is almost final version of the mount)

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  • Developer

    Two axis. roll and tilt. No any special triggers as mostly people use either automatic photo taking or video. Also it depends on the camera how to trigger it. Many cameras have remote controller to trigger photoshooting. 

  • An important question;

    How many degrees of freedom are there with mount? 2 or 3?

    Which axis does it support: Pan, Tilt OR Tilt, Roll ?

    How to take photo graphs? Is there some special trigger for this on the camera?

  • can we buy this gopro mount anywhere?

  • I am not making any recommendations as to what you should buy. I am just pointing out the ramifications of poor design. 

  • are we able to buy this mount?

  • There are many reasons why oscillations can occur, but the fundamental principles cannot be ignored. The mounting of the camera mount and the imu are critical.

  • Developer

    Danny and others.


    Different type of camerasmounts works for different needs and pilots so that's why we are working with total of 5 different mounts. One has similar idea as Danny posted.


    I was just spending whole yesterday at our Servo factory with the engineers and we tried to find best servos to drive cameramounts and it looks like we have few good starting possibilities now.


    Will do more testing and final changes to two mounts after getting back to Bangkok again to our office.

  • @John

    the one on the photo is Denny posted was from XAircraft. It might be the mount he mentioned. Cant find that xplane mount.


    @Denny, I think all of this is prone to the same behavior as shown on the vid. I have a mount from RC Carbon (same as the Xaircraft design) and I couldn't use it because it would oscillate even with small movement on the quad. Even with different servo it would still oscillate. On the other hand MK have a similar camera mount as Jani yet they seem to work (i could be wrong).


    In my experience, Jakub's mount has been very good not the best but the price is cheap yet works well. Sadly its only for GoPro and small Point and shoot.

  • @Denny  - have a link to the new mount from Xplanes?

  • 3692281604?profile=originalI would have to say that something like this would be much better3692281553?profile=original
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