ArduCopter - Frame parts

ArduCopter new and old Dome arches and fins. Left is new one that gives more headspace under dome and also 12mm under quad.

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  • Are the files in the repository:

    new or old design? Thanks.

  • Developer
    Woohoo... now we need to find black FR4 and nylon bolts/nuts/spacers. Damn... why is so hard to be schwartz? We need to delete the racial discrimination from the drone's world.
  • Developer
    Wait until you see it in black color, "may the schwartz be with you" ;)
    New arches gives 5mm of extra space under dome center and that way it's easy to mount receiver or what ever on top carrier. Also Fins are taller / wider to support better on future payloads.
  • Developer
    Super, Jani!!!
    Much more Dard Vader's Helm like. :P
    Now, XBee antena will be under dome.
    We can even use those colored acrill carrier with 2mm each one with no problem on headspace.
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