ArduCopter - It flies...

First official flying ArduCopter setup. And it flies nice.

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  • Developer
    Thank you.. Ok it's a bit messy looking on that picture due I did not put cables nicely. Center Dome is really great and strong. Final version has minor changed on those landing gear fins due optimization of manufacturing runs.

    Yesterday flying and crashing test shows that it can handle a lot of "punishment". Center are is made from strong Acryl and those fins/arches are made from really durable polycarbonate. Locking screws are polycarbonate. Full empty frame weights about 250 grams.. Oh yeah and you can fold it for easy transportation.

    Folding depends on how you mount your ESC's..

    I will try to take some better pictures today from fully assembled frame with all electronics on it.
  • Waits patiently for order forms...

    Looks great! Keep up the amazing work.
  • Awesome frame design!!!
  • That's a work of art!
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