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Quad setup with APM + shield on it with battery

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  • Developer
    @Mauro well actually in APM there are 3 mounting holes that you can use and one reason why Carrier board has those long 3mm holes is that you can mount APM and other stuff many different ways by sliding screws. Other way to mount it naturally by 2 side antivibration tape. (i even use velcro on my test unit)

    @bGatti well i'm not so worried about center parts. They can handle quite lot of banishing. Most likely it will be arms that breaks first and that's the way it meant to be. Trust me i know hahaha, due i just few days ago tested our new features on software with krm... unwanted results like low altitude 720° flip that ended on concrete floor :)

    Only damage was end of two tubes was a bit crushed, applying pliers a bit to them and everything was ok again. Actually I only turned my quad upside and after quick 10 sec checkup, it was flying again.

    @NS Rana, well even tho we try to keep price low i know that I cannot beat your costs :)
  • Jani, great design ! Wondrful work done by you ! Keep it up.Here is an extremely low cost frame made by me it costed me less than 2US$ (Frame alone)

  • @Jani
    So in more detail, I was thinking that when this breaks (and it will), the break would likely be in the center parts, and it looks like replacing the center bits would be a good bit of work. I guess I'm wondering if the likely break point can't be moved out to an arm - so it's easier to swap?

    (I am assuming these arms are stronger than the center piece - it just looks that way)
  • How will you hold the APM/IMU to the frame? because the boards does not have any holes :S
  • Looks great!
  • Developer
    Ah and you can always add another Carrier board on top of your eletronics like in Hexa picture. This it just without it to show how APM + Shield fits.
  • Developer
    This is just basic illustration of frame, everyone can put their covers and things like that around electronics and other important parts. Like cdrom cakebox cover. We will also come with protectors, even with prop protectors has been designed.
  • This design looks very expensive go operate due to the likely damages on impact.
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