Assembling and testing - 1

Preparing it for stabilization tests...

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  • Developer
    Morli, about the arms length... look at this:

    MikroKopter - testing new hight-control algorithms and gps from Holger Buss on Vimeo.

  • Admin
    Cool , hope you will share your tests and learning curve
  • Developer
    Morli, that assembly is only for the preliminary stabilization's tests. I want to study the stabilization of these two poles by testing a lot of correction algorithms to learning about it and to discover how to speed up the ArduIMU data reading and the correction applying. The battery will be attached to frame and the boards too. The arms aren't so shorts. Maybe is the angle on the photo. There is a great space between cabine's edge and the propeller tips (65mm). The battery wires are really long. I will cut it to reduce after the tests. I will add some other items to help me on that improvised "testing platform".
  • Admin
    Looks good Sandro, is this a test bench to test the two motors only? what about increasing the arm lengths say another 6 c.m? Why? kind of looks small? Your battery lead looks long, is this for test bench setup only or you intend to use it while flying? thanks for sharing
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