Be aware of quad blades

The tip of the finger is gone, the blade penetrated like 3-4mm inside the finger on the second impact. Quads are really fun but please be aware of the propeller. If you quad gets spinning like crazy never try to stop it with your bare hands, be very careful specially if you have children's nearby.

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  • I'd go to  a hospital or clinic. Man bet that hurt. That your finger Jordi? Any chance we could program some sort of brake feature so it could sense a prop strike and halt the motor quickly?


    But, yeah, hands off when in motion and keep away from people, animals, plants, etc.

  • Ouch, really you can close it with super glue. Disinfect with ethanol (ye!!!ouch) and make little strips of gauze and glue one drop on each side. Don't let the glue get in the cut. I speak from experience. Not a prop but Xacto blades.

  • That motor disarming feature is a good one to use lol :)

  • Developer

     Jordi , that's a hard lesson to learn, super glue it back on. I heard that some fingers were lost to rear props on sUAS by out troops,  Maybe prop guards are a good thing...  Kevlar oven glove might help... but I never wear mine...

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