Big Octacopter V

first test flight successfully :)

Many thanks to the developers.

Klaus from Germany

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  • Hi Klaus, thanks for adding me in your fB. My compass showing NOT HEALTHY in CLI mode. Already resoldered the blob and now it shows the reading. Preparing for the 2nd flight test this weekend. Share us some videos too my friend in DIY Drones Malaysia fB. My You Tube link

    Yeap Malaysia is a beautiful tropical country especially the surrounding Islands. I can be your guide if you come over here..dont worry its f.o.c. Dont forget to bring along your copter for aerial photos/videos. Cheerios

  • hello facebook friend ;) I think you have to calibrate your compass, best wishes in your beautiful country ciao Klaus
  • Hi Klaus, heres the link to my Octa V 1st test flight.The Left Yaw is draggy n drifting and maybe some adjustment on the configuration will solve it.The Right Yaw seems to be ok.I wonder if you're having the same problem for Yaw.

  • Good morning,

    You must not enter FRAME no.1 , Frame V its correkt:

    Terminal, enter setup,

    (You can type help and it appears all the variations and frame.)

    enter frame, it appears frame x

    enter Frame V

    again appear to frame and it should frame v

    again a miracle :) ciao & Cheerios Klaus

  • Problem solved. Yerr right! Its the frame mode. I thought the mode already been set in the Octa V firmware 2.7.1. coz obviously its gonna be in V mode. But on the set up window it was checked as X without any V option (confused). So I tried to set it in CLI set up and all i got was INVALID COMMAND_TYPE_HELP. Managed to changed it in the Parameters List FRAME from no.1 to 2 but.. even though I saved it and reload again it will go back to FRAME no.1. It also happen when I change the config and refresh. Thanks Klaus.Cheerios!

  • can you send me a video, I will see how he reacts strongly to the left ... have you on the Mission Planner Button - Terminal - Setup - Frame: Frame set V? Miracles happen again ciao Klaus
  • 3692496363?profile=originalHi Klaus, thanks for sharing.I'm done with the set up.I forgot to mentioned that I am using APM1 2560board for the V8. The rear motor distance is 340mm and the front is 740mm shaft to shaft (with 14degree angled). Now the problem is during take off the copter will yaw a bit to the left and as i increased the throttle it flip over to the left. Already checked all the wires and followed exactly APM1 v8 setup from props orientations,signal wires distributions n frame setup..all are fine. Now scratching my head n wonder what did i missed. Anyway your English are fine, my English is bad too..haa haa but we can still communicate n that's the beauty. Nobody's perfect!

  • 3692483960?profile=originala little info:
    If your motor distance is 288 mm rear spacing should be approximately 350 mm with the angle of 14 degrees results in clearance of the front
    best if you have a 1:1 drawing (or wallpaper on the kitchen floor doing;)) is
    ciao Klaus

  • Hello
    The most important is 14 degrees to the aircraft axis,3692484116?profile=original
    it results in anything but
    Have to support 20 mm carbon tube are taken in total length 1200 mm.
    The motor mount, and everything else, I have designed and milled himself.

    If you want I can send you the DFX milling files.

    otherwise I will help you further, just send me photos' or e-mail and sorry for my lousy English ... ciao Klaus

  • Hi Klaus, I'm building one of these with APM. Need to know the the distance in between the two front motors (left and rights ) also the distance of the last two motors.Is there any calculation formula like 10 degree arm tilt or what ever?. My frame will be 1000mm long using motors with 10" props, distance in between motor to motor is 288mm per arm. I also noticed you're using a carbon fibre/alluminium round tube..what is the diameter for it?. Is there any reference from where I can purchase the motor mounter. Also if you can share the specs, any videos,the firmware, PIDs setting and what do you think of it. It would greatful and really appreciate your fitback. Cheerios!

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