3rd reincarbation, flies perfect. it will carry my APM when i make it to work correctly.

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  • I rate it for 700$

  • Nice aircraft.  How much to build me one? 

  • OK Bruce, you'r on the list ;o). Anyway now I really think over such idea.

    Have stared new one (new wing airfoils), but no time to finish it becaouse of my new born son. When I test it in the air I'm going to build another, thus two of them will be for sale (completely built :o).

  • Lovely, and exactly what I'm looking for.  If you ever make a kit for this I will buy one immediately.

  • Looks fantastic :) Very sleek & sexy
  • DWG is only for floorplan. Booms are carbon coposite tubes.

  • Hi Palo,

    that's really good design. what is the material used for the booms? May I have the dwg too?

  • I am in love with that monocoque fuselage! From reading the forums, I see you hand carved the buck for it. What did you base the fuselage's profile on? Very professional.

    Could you please PM me the dwg?



  • Eduardo

    for more details read this:

    i'll send you dwg via pm

  • Hello Palo, very nice platform.

    what material you used to make the airframe ? and wings ?

    can you send the dwg ?



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