Bracket for Y3000 720P camera

Scratched my head for a couple of days trying to work out the best way to incorporate both the FPV camera and 720P recorder on the same tilt mechanism. The sonar sits about 8-10cm in front and above the FPV camera so when the tilt servo was pointing slightly up I didn't want the 720P camera to cross over the sonar beam. That's why I offset the metal plate backwards. When it tilts down the 720P camera almost touches the 3000mah battery under the quad so I had to ensure the bracket was long enough to avoid locking the servo up.

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  • Ok, turns out that the Y3000 is super sensitive to vibrations. With the bulk of all vibrations removed I still get picture distortion specifically when the DT-750 motors are at the rpm needed for hovering.  I ended up ditching the tilt idea for the Y3000 and just foam taped it to the battery board slung under the hub via zip ties and silicone tubing (re Tricopter V2.5).  The mass of the battery certainly reduces vibrations however the thin foam tape may even be introducing some extra vibrations.  Might experiment with putting a thin strip of lead sheeting around the camera to see if the added mass removes the extra vibration.  Also ordered 11x4.5 props to see if the variation in rpm at hover moves the oscillation away from where I will be doing most of my video recording.


  • Also thinking of replacing the KX131 with a much smaller and lighter camera.  The version of the KX131 I have has a heavy case and the input is 12V with internal voltage regulation.  It does get more than a little bit warm from a fully charged 3S lipo and I suspect chews more power than is really needed.  Might just test it first to see if it will still work with a 5V source.  

    Weight's my biggest concern at the moment.  The 3000mah battery is giving me 6min of flight time.  Not great.

    I'm working my way through the components to see where I can lose weight.  I've already drilled holes in the landing gear in places where I wont lose structural integrity and that has lost 30g.  I've ordered a 500mah battery for the Tx to see how long that lasts.  the 1000mah I have is 86g however the 500mah is only 48g.  

  • Actually tempted to mount the Y3000 directly onto the new battery holder board and then put the tilt mechanism under that.  Does mean the video recording will be fixed and pointing slightly down.  Should provide a much less distorted recording..


  • Had to redesign the placement of the tilt mount due to vibrations.  The Y3000 is so lightweight that even the slightest vibration distorts the video.  In the end I cut out a 40x170mm 3mm ply board for the 3000mah battery and mounted it to the underside with zip ties and silicone tubing (see rcExplorer's battery/camera mount for his V2.5 YCopter).  The mass of the battery keeps it and anything attached to the board very still due the vibration isolation of the silicone tubing.  I'll also apply this method of vibration removal to the APM case and place the video Tx battery to that board mounted to the top of the hub.  Makes mounting and removal much easier (no hidden nuts that are hard to get to).  Other task is to replace the DT-750 motor shafts with a non-threaded 4mm one that gives better grab of the collet prop adaptors.  Had one prop fly off yesterday when it was a couple of feet off the ground and it flipped it 180 with enough force to snap the reverse arm clean off.  Still, I do have a stock of 12x12mm ply sticks always on hand for such events.  The quick release bolts are of no use in these sorts of crashes as the impact is 90deg to the angle the arm swings when released.  The impact would have been like dropping a brick on the arm from 2m.

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