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  • may i schould ask boing, how they did thier transition for this model :

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  • the concept is maybe fireproof for flight and hover, but as I'am new in programming, I didnt manage to to implement a sensful transition routine in APM2.5 -any help welcome

    Ducts are just for safety - not for efficiency

    redundance is a topic for future, actually I'll try to get my 3,5kg prototype into air

  • and eventually for the sake of redundancy make it props up and down like y6 or octo instead of ducted?

  • sorry to ask, im a n00b, but if you have to motors and two servos for each motor for front and back, would it be sufficient to keep it hovering?

  • if anyone try following this bunch should help you, i am very sure it is a fireproof concept...

  • Only missing some APM-code for the transition.  Any Idea where I can find something adequate for Tilt-Duct ??

  • That is one awesome looking machine! Cudos...

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