Worlds smallest manned Jet twin engine

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  • By the way this is the 3rd proto on world largest Telemaster and it fly Great with a DA 85 Its got about 75lbs lifting stol and Very easy to fly !!!!
  • This wa filmed over wright patterson in the mid 86 with todays 200 sigles it would be even more powerfull! Cri Cri Plans are currently total unavaible....... there are some rip off artist out there. The original plans were out of France Cri Cri meaning cricket any way thats a old rep from Jim Bede co. who flying photo was out of a J3 Super Cub Ive been searching the net for real set of plans and want to do this in UAV
  • Admin
    @ Brian,
    lookup in youtube , you will be surprised at the aerobatic they do with this small baby :)) loop and spins , however the one i saw doing all this was gasoline ( i think it was 2 x 28 cc petrol) powered engine
  • Moderator
    I'm surprised there's room in there for a pilot. I mean you'd have to have some big cahones...
  • Admin
    Hi Robert ,I have seen it in youtube I think quite some back, any plans for converting it to UAV ? is that you flying in it ?
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