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  • btw there was no hardware play/slop.  Servo was connected directly.

  • nope no logging ability.  I was thinking that possibly the servo may have started twitching.. then again, why?  It's a good quality servo.  I can only put this down to the kk2 board.  This happened with a quad in slight wind, in perfectly level/stable flight it just started oscillating quickly getting progressively worse until it crash landed, luckily from a low altitude.   This having happened twice, there is definitely a trend here therefore not going to risk any more aircraft, time to move onto the multiwii. 

    thanks for all the comments!

  • I cannot comment on the KK2, no experience with it.

    Is there any logging ability? Could the side-side movement been hardware play in the Yaw?

    Pure roll type movement around the directional axis could have been the controller but without logging, we can only guess.


  • agreed, but.. is the kk2 unreliable?  I normally use the Naza but they don't support tricopters, I'm using the kk2 mainly because it can be programmed easily and conveniently but will ditch it very quickly if they prove too quirky.  I'm going to give it another chance with a tri, unfortunately my next tri is bigger and would hate to crash, again, because of a stabilisation issue.     


  • Wow. If you are going to crash, you might as well do it in a spectacular fashion.

    That is good news regarding the electrics and your 'swissed tubing' bent well enough to distribute the energy.

    If we fly, we are going to crash.

    Build on!


  • Will make slightly larger frame next time round just in case that was the issue.

  • Luckily nothing sustained damage, tested the motors and they're running smoothly.  One prop sheared completely off and another was planted in the ground caked with mud so it did take a beating.  Good thing that zip ties break and almunium bends.

  • no more tri..  strange thing happened, flying pitched forward and fast and it started oscillating side to side (as in ailerons) and just barreled into the ground.  Tried to recover by applying full throttle but to no avail.   I was flying in a mild wind condition but this happened to my quad as well and managed to recover.  Seems as though the kk2 board doesn't like wind then or maybe somebody can shed some light on this.  I'm running v1.5, would v1.6 help?   My tuning seemed to be good or maybe I needed some more "I" parameter tuning, hadn't touched it before though.  Anyway really dissapointed at losing this especially being non pilot error related. 

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