DSC05273 (1)

DSC05273 (1)

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  • Hey Daniel, Thanks! It has been a lot of hard work trying to make everything the way I want it.  The frame is super rigid even with the 10mm carbon booms.  The next version will have areas cut out in the center plates for better cooling. Right now I am only flying it for around 15mins with a 4s 5000mah bat.  It seems a bit sluggish with the 4S and it might be better to convert to 6S.  Or I may need to go to a 17in. blades.  It currently hovers around 12amps.

  • Wow I see you incorporated a lot of the shared knowledge in your design. The APM damper, the EMF copper shield, the high efficiency 360kv motors, 15in T-motor props, and a nicely vacuum formed canopy. Very nice! What are the flight times?

  • Custom vacuum formed dome

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