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  • You know what? Hardly a day goes by without something new to learn on this website. Thanks Denny.
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  • The mount is a simple balanced beam, it is slowly nudged back into place if it drifts off by a Hitec mega torque Magnetic Enc. servo beneath, and uses a modified Picloc from George Mamo ( to stabilise it. It is completely stand alone from the FC electronics. The model controls the Pan function only.
  • Nice! What code does the balancing?
  • The vids. are coming soon. Bad weather at the moment. So lots of other things to do inside!!!

    With that small Panasonic it is stable fully zoomed in.

  • Very impressive design, I would love to some video...
  • This prototype is what is best described as a balanced beam system. It is vibration free and is inherently stable enough to operate high sensitivity gyros on the front mount. Magnetic encoder servos provide the right resolution.

    It is quite uncanny flying this craft, as the beam sits there rock steady all of the time, You must watch the motor arms carefully to predict it's movements when flying it in manual control.

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