My Flash based ground station is now up and running. I'm using Serproxy to connect Flash to the Serial Port and the Xbee radios. I have a simple command parser on the plane integrated with the the GPS parser so I can have 2 way comm over the single serial port. I can send basic WP commands or PI tuning values. GPS is collected and output as KML values through Copy and Paste.

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  • does this run on a computer? If so windows machine and how beefy?
  • Developer
    I'll post the source after I spend the weekend flight testing. You can easily change it to be compatible with ArduPilot, although it will only be 1 way communications. I'm jumping through a lot of hoops to do 2-way.
  • Hello: Congratulations for your ground station!!! Is for the ardupilot? Or is for other autopilot?
  • T3
    Oooh, Nice. I've been thinking about some graphical instruments myself, but trying to decide if I should code in C++Builder (most familiar) or jump into Flash or Python. Need a beta tester?

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