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  • Well if you are really interested man I can see about producing a model for you. Currently I have three orders in and I'm still not ready to produce them. I designed these for FPV use, heavy loading, slotted flaps for increasing chord and camber, really a great fun long range highly acrobatic model. 

    Currently in testing and refining mode though it is a blast to fly. Geometrically the model is sound, working on aesthetics and structure.

  • yeah me too i have been trying out a few different unique airframes anything i can come up with


  • Of course. I'm all about performance and genuine design. 

    Videos will be up at some point, AE renders 45 sec videos at 8gb so that's a problem...

  • yeah im very interested . i like that your design is not exactly traditional or at least not one that ive seen

  • Hello Jeffrey, Thanks for the interest.

    The sketch is depicting an upward view. This is a rendering of the completed model with a heat shrunk clear fuselage (for video gear). The geometry has been tested and proven. I will upload videos if you are interested. Just trying to add life to my profile. 

  • ok . not trying to critisize but when looking at the red sketching is this an up ward look at your plane or down.?



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