High density foam protection

Manually cut out a foam frame to protect the electronics and act as padded feet.

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  • The new hub design I am working on has a pivot point at the base of each arm and two bolts about 6cm further out on each side of the arms.  In a crash the bolts are allowed to be bumped outwards in the direction of the pivot, freeing the arm and absorbing some of the impact in the action of knocking out either of the bolts.  Locking nuts are only just tight enough to secure the arm to the point where they hold in place when tilted over and shaken.  If you hit the arm with some force the bolts can slip out and allow the arm to pivot away.  Not sure how that concept will work if the arm hits the ground perfectly vertical?

    Handy for transportation in the car as well.

    Kudos to David from rcexplorer.se for the basis of that idea.


  • Just found that the Turnigy Sentry ESC's must not have their timing mode set to middle when used with these HexTronik 750 motors. Must be set to low. When set to middle the engines are to sluggish on the rpm changes to effectively stabilize the quad.
    Also just got a couple of HK's 2220 3S 25-35C batteries. First charge/discharge gave me 9min of hover flight. Hopefully a couple more charge/discharge cycles will increase this time. Would like to see 15min - 20min in the air. Perhaps 12x4 props will be more efficient than 10x6? guess I'll find out soon enough.
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