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hawk right

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  • noth666 the nose is made of flotation foam from my sail boat i just sanded it to shape. it also holdes the batt. two of the 1500 ma. the v tail will have carbon in them and on the leading edge.i see if i have a better pic of the nose for u
  • Whats the nose cone made of/made with? Looks really smooth. Also, the V tail, are those just straight EPP plate parts without reinforcement or do you have a carbon stick in there somewhere also?
  • sqt ric it is a kf wing it will give more lift.
  • noth666 yes i will have ailorns and flaps. the v tail i not shure what i will do yet
  • Cool design! I might make something similar as a MAV when I get my hands on some EPP.
    How were you planning on doing the V tail servos/linkages and do you plan on having ailerons also?
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    Coll looking...what type of airfoil is that?
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