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  • very good. i've done some gcs stuff but i used other peoples instruments. i know how good you must be at maths :) look forward to seeing this published. well done and thanks

  • I did all functional and graphical components.

    They can be resized and paremetrized by the properties window, like a visual component.

    They need to be improved, but once they are finished, I will share it!

  • so did you write the code for the round gauges or did you use open source examples from the internet? 

  • Thanks!

    It is programmed using vb.NET 2008.

    Here you can see a video:

    VB.NET Shop
  • i like the guages

  • My ground station. This weekend I will test it.

    It receive information from the airplane by a APC230 tranceiver.

    The asociated hardware has an IMU (running SF9DOF_AHRS), a sonar, a diff press sensor, and a microcontroller.


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