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  • Hello Robert,

    Can you please tell us where did you get the frame .. or is it built by you?

    Thank you

  • Reply to: DaveyWaveyBunsenBurner

    I can release the details, as this one is just a hobby project. Please let me know what info you need, and I willl do my best.

  • That Corliss wing suit video was awesome! That guys got some huge ones!!!!!!
  • I had a couple of bodies that went on it, one looked like the drone from the Terminator 2 movie, which I thought looked really cool, and another was a delta wing and I flew the tricopter with tail boom forward, so i got lift from the wings during forward flight which increased my flying time a little bit. It was alot heavier with bodies, and during test flying I destroyed both bodies. You have to watch for those attack trees and bushes, they are like Ninjas, the just come out of nowhere!  I wish I had some pics of the bodies. I only just recently bought a decent camera.
  • Ok, here is a short and crappy video. I just upload the latest Arducopter 2.0.19 and tried it out in my kitchen. I need to lower the P on the roll, a bit of oscillation. By the way I do not recommend flying a ducted fan tricopter in your kitchen, it is extremely loud. By the way it was flying with the standard PIDs that are in the firmware, I usually lower Roll "P" to 0.5 which gets rid of the roll wiggle. I will upload some outdoor video when I can get away from work, working from home this weekend. URGGG.

  • Developer

    WOW once again :)

    Maybe adding some Maveric style wing on it, can be a very cool mix.

    I can see something like Corliss wing-suit put on it .... 

    Waiting for a video, grate job !!!

  • Yes, it is much safer with the EDFs. It also flies through trees and bushes much better with the EDFs. LOL
  • @Gary,
    2 minutes is enough to win AVC :)
  • I will say - it is basically safe as hell; - it's pretty difficult to injure someone with small entrapped props.
  • Oh the run time is only 5 minutes with 15000Mah worth of Lipos, about the same flight time, as when I had them in my EDF Jets. I know props are more efficient, but nobody every stopped to watch my TRI when it had props. ;0). This tends to attract people when I fly it. Which makes it more fun. Have met alot of new friends because of this contraption.
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