IRIS in Pelican 1650 w/ DX8

IRIS in Pelican 1650 w/ DX8

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  • This is our custom Pelican case with gimbal kit and legs:


  • Yes, though you do need a receiver to bind the satellite to the Tx (pretty sure, looked online couldn't find anything about binding a satellite without a receiver). However let me tell you what I did. I bought a DX8, AR8000, TM1000, and two AR600s from this listing on eBay for $429.99. Sold the two AR600s for $45 a piece on eBay. Paid $5.15 to ship each one out. Ended up only paying $359.29 for the DX8, AR8000, and TM1000. Pretty good deal! :)

  • So if I pickup just a DX8 transmitter (without having to get a receiver which would be cheaper), the only other thing to actually make them work together would be the Spektrum Satellite. If the 3DR Radio telemetry device also comes w/ the IRIS, I already have a Nexus 7 tablet. 

    So all I would need to clarify is Spektrum DX8 and the Satellite. Does the satellite effectively have same range as the AR8000 would?

  • The DX8 transmits/receives on 2.4GHz, while the 3DR telemetry radio transmits/receives on 915MHz. The telemetry radio is for connecting to a computer/tablet and using some GCS software like Mission Planner or APM Planner.

    If I wanted telemetry data on my DX8 I would have to use a receiver (AR8000) and the telemetry module TM1000. Though I do have both currently I am using neither the receiver or the TM1000. I am only using a Spektrum satellite which plugs directly into the Pixhawk's SPKT/DSM port.

    AR8000 8-Channel DSMX Receiver (SPMAR8000): Spektrum - The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology
  • nice! so the DX8 works well w/ the 3DR telemetry radio?

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