Iris+ with Canon camera

I screwed a GoPro tripod mount to the base of the camera and connected the GoPro tripod mount and extension to the Iris+’s fixed GoPro mounting bracket.

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  • Hi, nice and simple. Don't you have a centre of gravity issue as it seems your weight is on the nose ?

    I have similar use for my Iris+ (mapping in Cameroon with RX100) and I use simple system as well to keep the camera just below the CG.


  • Hi Oscar, after your email I popped over to your page to check out your customized camera gimbal - Impressive.

    I will be interested in your write up regarding how you build this gimbel.

    I originally thought about modifying a Tarot gopro gimbal myself, but it was over the Christmas holiday season and could not import the gimbal from the suppliers to South Africa. So I made an alternative plan and made this simple camera mount  - here are same photos of the modified gopro bracket and tripod mount I used on my Iris+ Simple Iris Camera Mount

  • Impressive and simple.
    I went slightly more complicated route for the original Iris. The 3D printed holder was originally designed to use
    three mounting points from the Iris belly. Two for the gimbal attachment and the first of the two gopro mount. That didn't work at all because I had too much vibration. I then did redesign using a few parts from the Tarot gimbal and 
    one of the plates from the FliteTest Electro hub. So far so good and have tested down to 1/400th of second shutter speeds. I'm documenting the build progress here if your interested. I planning a nice write up with pictures of the final design in the not too distant future.

    I thought about going your route but was worried about the camera slipping. The nice thing about the way I went is that there are no trim adjustments.

  • Hi Oscar , on a calm and sunny days I do not experience any vibration issues and photo quality is excellent, but on windy days there are same vibration issues with a few blurry photos.

    At this stage i belief the vibrations issues are mainly due to the iris composting to stay stable in the wind, but to overcome this issues I think it is best to use a gimbal. If interested Xavier Fernandez’s has a gimbal for the Iris+.

  • Was there any vibration issues?
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