Javelin V.1

Javelin V.1

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  • Yeah I am - thanks
  • Moderator
    You'll be building the new one then Ryan, congratulations.
  • Admin
    that is big :). I guess powered by 100cc gas or more. Is there a close up of tail ( from rear ) and inside the fuse( payload bay) ?
  • It's 3.3m with a max gross of 22kg. 80% carbon composite. We'll be flying the Piccolo AP
  • Admin
    thats Gr8, any size specs, engine etc on the bird. Look great. Is it FG or any other composite? Good luck with OB this year. What AP are you planning to use?
  • It's petrol/diesel powered. I build/flew this last year for the UAV Outback Challenge but we didn't make it to the competion as we ran out of time for flight testing the Autopilot.

    I'm building a new version this year much lighter.

  • Admin
    Nice Bird. EP or nitro? good work. I like the fuse and nose in perticular. Please share videos once you get it in air. Good luck.
  • That's a custom build from scratch.
  • very nice, is that a kit or custom work?
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