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  • @Alton, IMO, Safety around people.

  • What the the benefits of a ducted fan? [Serious question]

  • There is an interesting variation of a "ducted fan" - search for Urban Aero airmule.

    They have only two large props in the fan, and they achieve control by perpendicular vanes in front of the fans.

    This _should_ be doable with two feather servos moving the vanes, but the actuation mechanism would probably be pretty intricate.

  • @Mike you should read up on the apm2.5 or supported firmware flight controllers and their onboard sensors and how they control the craft

    there is no need for separate sensors at each motor

  • I am wondering how you were able to stabilize this and if you used gyro's on each motor to keep it level so that thrust was always equal. I am attempting to do a tilt motor design and know I will need a 3 axis gyro on my yaw pitch and roll. I need to know whether I would also need an aditional 4 before transition so that I can keep all motors equal in thrust.


  • Why duct fan?It's very low efficiency especially in hover or low speed.

  • This is my answer to using ducted fans.

    We have a Quad that flies very well with the ducts, especially since our prototype ducts are adding almost 2.25 pounds to the total weight.

  • Every time I see someone say "You can't do that" I just wait long enough for someone to prove them wrong. It says a lot about a person who sticks their foot in their mouth like that.

  • How about using "really big ducted fan" for safety:

  • the blade tips of all helicopters, the props of all planes, and the blades of all turbine engines are hitting about 0.7 mach.

    helis with large rotors have a lower disk loading.  this is less about efficiency (again, every blade tip is about 0.7 mach) than structural integrity of the blades and autorotation.

    I think the number of blades is limited by the complexity of the control head. each blade has 3 axes of motion. it is tough to pack the controls for a lot of blades.  more blades would have shorter chords/tips which would lead to lower losses (matching the glider comment above) 

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