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  • Ed, thanks for the specs. I saw your video a while ago and that was what encouraged me to try the fans. Yours flies very well. Regards. I went with Turnigy Plush 30 amps and 70mm fans, so maybe mine is a little underpowered.

    I use 90mm fans, they all rotate the same, yaw control is achieved by putting some fixed angle on the fans.  Currently get about 5 minutes of good flying time on a 6 cell 2600 mah battery.  It requires 60 amp esc's. Turnigy Plush working great.



  • Very cool.  Thank you.

  • Josh, I use normal and reverse pitch ducted-fan. So, yaw control is same as normal quadcopter.


  • Shinji, the take-off weight is 1.1kg with battery and the fans are 70mm diameter. The fans are very powerful but the 3-cell, 11.1v, LiPo battery only lasts about 3-4 minutes. I need to run at nearly full throttle for lift off.

    How do you control yaw on your model?
  • Hi!  My Quad fly with ducted-fan too.  But it can fly only 4 mitutes. Maybe because it is too heavy.

    3692610095?profile=originalI want to know your airframe weight and ducted-fan specification.

  • It doesn't fly very high. It flies like an unstable, Star Wars land cruiser. At best, It can get up about 15-20 ft off the ground but won't hold for long. I'm putting together some videos of my flights with this configuration. So far it is not very impressive, but it has given me ideas for the next design.
  • I don't know yet.  I only got to fly it for a few seconds.  I'll get it fixed up and post some videos soon.

  • How high it can fly? I look like flying car.

  • Here is something a little different: a ducted fan version of the ArduCopter.  This one gets off the ground, but I burned out an ESC on the first flight.

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