PIC-based pilot

PIC-based pilot

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  • Buenisimo esteban, decile a tu amigo que no dude en contactarse conmigo por cualquier cosa. Lo mio todavia no está en vuelo, pero podemos hacernos algunos aportes mutuos.

    Con "Definición de 1 grado" me refiero a la lectura y escritura del servo. Lo podes mover entre 0 y 180 grados, con pasos de un grado.


  • muchas gracias Charly! Un amigo maneja mucho los PIC's y queria ver de armarse uno. por ahora yo sigo luchando con mi Ardupilot...

    q queres decir con 'definition de 1 grado? no tenes intermedios? ya lo volaste?


    gracias, nos vemos!

  • Hi Estebanflyer, thanks for your interest.

    I'm still working on it, so it isn't ready. But I can tell you some details about the project.

    The main core is in a PIC18F2550, witch is connected to some other pics that act as "drivers" (to read sensors, read the servo input, and write the servo output).

    Sensors it have:

    > Absolute Pressure and Temperature Sensor - BMP085

    Breakout Board MPXV7002DP

    > ArduIMU Flat

    > GPS

    MediaTek MT3329 GPS 10Hz + Adapter Basic

    > Batery Voltage sensing

    > Other analog input where I want to put a sonar, that I haven't got yet.


    It can read 5 servo input, and write 7 servo outputs with a definition of 1º.


    3 Operatives modes available: Full Automatic, Manualy Assisted, or Manual.


    Well, this are some details. I'm making a page of all my uav design here:


    I will try to upgrade it some day...


    Fly safe!!!

  • hey! can you give me more info about this pic based pilot?
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