I've finished painting the fuselage and today gave it a 1000 grit wet sand, then hit it with some cut and polish, then a fresh coat of wax. I've also installed the engine, fuel system, landing gears, and the mount for the UAV Vision VD170 Gimble.

When I come back from holiday I'll install the rest of the electronics and give it an extensive engine run then we're going to put the mainden flight on this baby!

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  • Yep, if there is one thing I learned from flying UAV for hours is that everything will come loose or fail so I take the time and inspect everything and make changes/improvements to everything so that when I send the bird downrange, I don't have to worry about sh*t coming loose and just focus on flying.
  • Ya that would have helped, we never actually had to assemble the nose wheel so we used it "as-is" when it was delivered.
  • Did you grind a couple flat spots on the shaft then Locktite your collars?
  • We have this same nose wheel assembly installed on our UAS. Our nose wheel collars vibrated off from the engine and the nose wheel ended up dislodging from the forks when we landed, busting up the firewall and nearly flipping the plane. Attached is what the payload camera caught just before landing... I would either secure the heck out of those collars or do what we did and replace the shaft/collars with a shouldered bolt and castle nut. I would sure hate to see that good looking plane loose get busted up, very impressive.

  • Cloud Cap Piccolo Autopilot
  • What autopilot are you going to use in this.
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