Pusher tail cooling detail

Eight venting holes - two on either side, four holes on motor support plate housing 850 watt electric outrunner motor.

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  • Actually, I put the electric motor and the Ru & El servos in the back but wow it clears up the nose for whatever.  I added a camera page to detail some of the nose additions.  The LiPo batteries fit just ahead of the wings where that section was strengthened for that purpose. The motor, prop, ESC and battery combo was calc'd so the power curve did not suddenly fall off a cliff along the way -- no nasty surprises.  The 3 one pound batteries required also the really strengthen the wings, especially as the moment is large and preliminary results with one battery forced an upgrade of wing reinforcements. Incidentally, I think the wing surface area should be doubled to reduce wing loading. 



  • very nice putting batt. and esc servos in the back I was geting the 10 lbs crap 5lbs sack that will give me more room to add more stuff thanks for puting up pic.

  • Now expanded electric motor vents from 8 one quarter inch diameter hole vents by pusher propeller to 18 holes - not like golf.

  • Despite 8 (1/4" diameter) vents partially shown here, (850 watt motor * 3.4 [conversion watts to BTU] ) = about 3,000 BTU's per hour have to be removed or transfered to passing air by convective cooling to maintain outrunner electric motor well below 200 degrees Celsius.  Motor magnets can fail above 200 Celsius.  More holes are being added to dissapate this motor heat in an ambient 120 degree Fahrenheit (about 49 degrees Celsius) sunny day environment.



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