Quad Rev.A

A couple weeks old, but had to get one up. This is a pic of Rev.A of my quad. Frame hub is hard drive platters and aluminum stand-offs, arms are aluminum towel bars.

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  • HI what is the weight of your quadframe. what are its dimensions.?

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    Hi B. Rao, I believe I commented on not having very good equipment and wanting to build a top-notch quad to replace it :) It is in the works! As far as instructions to build, there are numerous build logs and resources out there- most notably aeroquad. Take a look and DIY :)

    Priyanka, I left you a comment on power distribution. The ArduCopter one is nice, but not necessary. I wound up using a barrier strip from Radio Shack ( haven't looked back.
  • @ John Church
    I'm interested in the alternative method you built. One question my parents were asking me is what cables you have used for connecting the Arducopter to the motors. Did you use the Power Distribution Board for your quadcopter?
    BTW i'm annoying high schooler SORRY :'(
  • Oh, very nice ;] but I saw a post of yours that said you built another one (with slightly better parts ;] ).
    Do you know where I could find complete instructions for building a Quad? I have most of the parts, I'm just trying to find the correct way to actually *build* it...
    Thanks for any suggestions :]
    B. Rao
    PS- if you don't mind my asking, what kind of cables did you use with this?
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    Thanks Daren! :) I'd been staring at these platters for weeks wondering what would come of them.
    Hopefully this weekend I'll have some better pics up and video of early flights. This itteration of the frame was mainly used as a POC for myself and to try to grow some enthusiasm amongst my crew around developing a nice aerial photography platform. The concept is now agreed to be sound, but I wish I'd chosen some more capable equipment to power the project initially- buy cheap, buy twice! ;) That said, I am interested in whether Jani's findings on the standard AC motor offerings will suit my needs, or if I'll be sourcing some beasty motors myself. Fingers crossed!
  • Lol. Very resourceful. I like it.
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