Stiff Wing 2KG Weight

Coraflute wing stiffness test seems like its pretty stiff

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  • I think 240 would go along way.

  • The KF3 wings are 200 mm chord the Coroplast ones are 240 mm is 240 more like it?

  • Looks good, maybe a little more chord length?. I'm in phase one of building an air frame for my major drone project... Finding that design lol. Been a Fun! last few weeks. A while ago I bought a 98" RQ drone from nitroplanes which I was going to use as my UAV platform, pretty much through that out the door as soon as I flew it lol. I have some new tools now so I decided to build one to my licking. As I've built a few planes in the past, its time to go all out. Good luck on your project.

  • The pilot is a real pilot and it was a windy day. The test pilot reckoned it handled well once he got a feel fro the controls. Not bad for a first flight of a scratch build I was well pleased just to see it all go electronics and al, as the whole plane and remote control are home brew. I have a lighter air frame in the works 1300 Grams @ takeoff, with a  wing loading of 12.53 oz/ft² and 250 Watts per Kilo 

    Please have a look at my calcs see if you can spot any errors FPV Plane Calcs

    There was some discussion after the flight with those present and with my 11 X 4.7 Prop 

    The formula we used was Kph = RPM X PitchInches / 800 so with the DT850 measured RPM of 8000 the max speed would be quite low 47 Kph so pretty marginal hence the full stick to keep it airborne. A 10 X 6 gives 200 grams less static thrust but a much healthier  76Kph

    Any insight welcome

  • Aw that's too bad. Hairy flight that was.,,

  • Too heavy on the test flight 267 Grams each wing with servo vs 208 grams for a foam wing of similar dementions

  • Yes,seems to be that way... Very nice!

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