UAV platform wPod uncovered

My UAV project shaped but uncovered. EPS foam from a $5 Walmart glider reinforced with spruce spar and trailing edges. Carbon fiber booms and a Coroplast Tail from a for sale sign.

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  • Dave,
    I bought four planes a couple of years ago so not sure. My build is based on the Polly Pusher by
    He has pics of the packaging they come in on his Wally wing page. There is another type that is narrower, which you don't want. the one I used has four or five windows molded into the sides. There is a couple of threads on RCgroups discussing "grocery store" gliders.
  • Is that glider still available from walmart? What's it called? thx, nice work!

  • MC,
    I was under the impression that rudder/elevator was simpler to successfully integrate with the Ardupilot. With the polyhedral wing the plan is inherently stable. Would have to go to a straight wing, little dihedral, to incorporate ailerons. Really trying to keep everything basic so I can get the programing thing down. The wing was easy/cheap to build so can always make an aileron version when/if needed. The altitude record post is impressive, Shows what can be done with an inherently stable aircraft and the most basic auto pilot (GPS). That said, I am new to Ardupilot/UAV so any advise/information is welcomed!
  • Nice work. What about ailerons?
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