12-Rotor with the RED Epic Camera

Hey DIYDrones community,

This year at NAB 2013 Las Vegas, the RED booth had an incredible display with a beautifully engineered 12-Rotor. It may be the first duodeca-copter of its kind. Its payload was the RED Epic with a custom carbon fiber gimbal and skids. 


You can learn more from their website: http://blackarmoreddrone.com/

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  • Buying a drone and operating a drone safely can be a very different thing.  We aim for the highest levels of safety when operating our custom built octocopter drones, flying RED EPIC , c300 , 5Dmkiii, etc in South Africa.  http://dronecrew.co.za/red-epic-drone   (sorry for the punt).

    Its not the size of your drone, but how you use it ;)

    RED Epic Drone
    RED Epic octocopter drone used in the commercial and film industry to capture low level aerial video footage using RED EPIC, RED Scarlet and 5D camer…
  • Thank you Gary for your understanding.

    I am just like everyone else here in that I wanted to build a multi-rotor for a tiny budget. And thanks to this community I have.

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    Daniel, really no need to apologize  our little group lives at the consumer and open source developer forefront of this whole enterprise.

    The military has a long history of paying astronomical prices for these things, but we put them together for pocket change.

    When we see a craft like this, we see it as something we could do ourselves in about a month for a couple of thousand dollars at most (not including the RED of course).

    And $49,000.00 is such a huge disconnect that it just calls out for comment.

    I don't blame them for trying and they are trying to sell a solution, not a DIY experience, but it would be much cheaper to hire the people to build it and develop it than it would to buy even one of them.

    Probably originally a military craft now attempting to be sold into the civilian market, talk about fiscal cliff.

  • Everyone, please understand that this isn't a post to show off or promote a business. I simply posted this because I admire his design and the fact that he was a part of the RED camera team at NAB. So please accept my apology.

    Things to note:

    - This is designed for movie productions that have a budget to use high end cameras.

    - Chances are this UAV will be purchased by rental houses and not individuals.

    - $50k is a lot cheaper than hiring a 3 man helicopter crew with insurance.

    - According to him, this design is completely custom including the flight controller. The cost covers R&D.

    OG - I applaud you and your team. That mutli-rotor deserves much more. I'd like to know more.

    Jack_Crossfire - Its true the trend is to go smaller, but not with Cinema. Besides the RED Epic is on a completely different level compared to just about any other camera of its size. The next step up weights 2-3 times more.

    And its not made out of plastic. Even in the case of the Canon 5DM3, the weight of the lenses and body are very heavy for the typical multi-rotor application. Except that the DSLR is outclassed in every aspect =D.

  • The trend is to make cameras smaller, rather than make bigger aircraft.  These guys need to strip the 5 pounds of plastic they encase all their products in.

  • That Q4 landing maneuver looks scary!

  • I flow my v12 dodecarotor two years ago. http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/armquad-v12

    The total cost was about $ 500 camcorder included ;-)

  • maybe included in the cost is a insurance policy if you ever crash it and ruin a bunch of expensive equipment and lenses... okay I highly doubt it.

    Not sure where people come up with prices.. granted we are familiar with the DIY prices while commercial outfits are more interested in polished and proven technology and products... but still.. seems pretty high for what you get.

  • wow, $53017 for a basic kit... our SteadiDrone EI8HT can do all this, + quick release fold up airframe and more kit for under 10 000, 5 times less! ouchy

  • That is a really pretty frame, maybe carbon is really expensive in Sweden.

    And no, $49,000.00 is without the RED.

    Although the movie industry always had more money than sense.

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