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For those of you who may not have seen it yet, Circuits.io and Autodesk released an online tool to design and test circuits.

It allows you to create a virtual environment using breadboards, Arduinos, and plenty more. Then you can simulate the project right in your browser window. You can even work on the coding collaboratively like you would with Google Docs.

The service is free for open-source designs (read you can't keep them private), but you'll need to pay a monthly fee to keep those designs private.  I started using it to test some circuits I am trying to build to handle power distribution and other things for my multicopters.

Give it a try here: http://123d.circuits.io/circuits

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  • I would like to see the arduino simulator get at least some of the standard libraries brought into it. You can add a servo to a circuit, but if you try to #include <servo.h> it doesnt know where to find it. 

  • I don't think it works well, the search takes along time I gave up and the whole thing seem to be very slow which I gave up at the end


  • Really nice to see more open hardware and open source design stuff showing up.

    Definitely planning on checking out this as well as the Autodesk Solids stuff.

  • @RoboCopter, I haven't done anything real with it yet...mostly just playing around to see what it can do.  One thing I did notice that isn't very clear, if you click on Search Components on the right of the screen, there are a bunch of other items that do not appear in the short list for you to use.

  • I have tried it, either my internet connection flackey or this is buggy.

  • Developer

    Thanks for posting this Sean! Perfect timing, I actually spent an hour last night surfing the web tying to find a good Arduino simulator environment! Have you used it yet?

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