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2010 Year in Review

3689384021?profile=original2010 was quite a year at DIY Drones. The community doubled in size and traffic, ArduPilotMega and ArduCopter were announced and shipped, and factories were started in San Diego, Bangkok and Tijuana.  Amateur UAVs took off!


Next year is going to be even bigger, with dozens of new products, easier to use versions of current products and cool new platforms I can't tell you about yet ;-) Stay tuned for announcements over the next month, but in the meantime, here are some of the highlights of 2010:



First Ardu quad (Jose Julio's ArduIMU-powered beauty)

Parrot AR.Drone announced.

DIY Drones hit 7,000 members

ArduPilotMega announced



White House talks about DIY Drones

ArduPilot 2.5 (first one with super-accurate navigation) released



ArduPilotMega comes off the production line

APM IMU shield enters testing



APM released

Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition: Doug Weibel's ArduPilot comes in second (Team Robota, shown above won)

An iPhone controller for RC aircraft

DIY Drones goes to the FIRST Robotics Competition



Paparazzi co-founder Pascal Brisset dies

DIY Drones goes to Maker Faire



ArduCopter announced

UAV DevBoard Matrixpilot is flying

AttoPilot 2.0 announced



ArduPilot Hardware-in-the-loop simulation released

First APM code released



ArduPilot 2.7 released

APM Mission Planner released

MatrixPilot 2.5 released

First ArduCopters ship



DIY Drones factory gets new pick-and-place machine

Aggressive quadrotor!

Willow Garage's ROS now running on quads



HappyKillmore GCS released

APM Beta code released

ArduCopter Alpha code released



DIY Drones in front page Wall Street Journal article

PixHawk Qgroundcontrol GCS now supports APM



ArduPilotMega 1.0 code released

ArduCopter RC2 released, team announces plans to move to APM-based code

ArduPirates take over ArduCopter NG development

Hacked Kinect flies a quad




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  • Admin
    Congrats to each and every member of this community which made this possible. It can only get better and better. Cheers.
  • Congrats on many exciting achievements in 2010!  Can you comment on plans for new hardware and software projects for 2011?
  • Congratulations DIY Drones! We are impressed and looking forward to the future of the group.

  • The picture in this post caught my attention...my hats off to Antonio and the rest of team Robota who produced an exceptionally compact and innovative UAV package for the Outback Challenge this year.

    Chris and contributing members: Thanks for all the effort and dedication to the DIY Drones cause!


  • Thanks to all for such an achievment!
  • I can't believe you've doubled the number of members in just one year! Congrats!
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