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Darro Lin commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Introducing the new better, cheaper APM 2.5+ kit (with power supply/sensor, enclosure, new GPS)
"Is the currently capability of the new APM power modlue sufficient to run the APM2, mediaTek, pitot pressure sensor, ultra sound pinger, and RFD900 1W telemetry radio?"
Dec 2, 2012
Darro Lin replied to The Old Flyer's discussion XBee 'Bricking'
"I continue to have zigbee's brick as well.  It has been consistent with all versions of ArduPlane code, 3 different ArduPilot 1.4 boards, and a few zigbee units.  I have tried building my own cable, using the diydrones cable, and soldering the 4…"
May 6, 2012
Darro Lin commented on Sam Kelly's blog post New product! The 3DR Radio Telemetry System
"What are people's experiences with "bricking" with the 3DR radios?  
I have continued to have zigbee's brick with ArduPilot 1.4 board and ArduPlane 2.33 SW.  This has been a consistent problem with 4 different ArduPilot 1.4 boards, all versions of…"
May 6, 2012
Darro Lin posted a discussion
Hi All,I have ArduPilotMega 1.x hardware and I have repeated problems with bricking zigbee modules that are connected when powering up  (about 1 out of 4 power ups will brick my zigbee).  I have seen suggestions to keep the zigbee unplugged until…
Jan 4, 2012
Darro Lin commented on trappy's blog post Video: Into the Night
"looks great.  Can you share the details of your FPV setup?  Do you use the goPro as FPV somehow?"
Jun 5, 2011
Darro Lin replied to Heikki H.'s discussion Problem in connecting ArduPilot with X-Plane (on OS X)
"I just set this up on my iMac with OS 10.5.8 and I have the exact same problem!"
Feb 21, 2011
Darro Lin replied to malcolm stanley's discussion Ardupilot Mega Supply Question(s)
"Question about Ardupilot Mega: It is currently listed in the store shipping with the Atmel 1280.  I thought I read there would be an update to the Atmel chip soon?  Is this true, if so when?  Thanks!"
Feb 2, 2011
Darro Lin commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 2010 Year in Review
"Congrats on many exciting achievements in 2010!  Can you comment on plans for new hardware and software projects for 2011?"
Jan 3, 2011
Darro Lin commented on Mogly (Umesh Tharanath)'s blog post IMU 6DOF Razor - Ultra-Thin IMU
"I have the 4DOF version of this. Where is the best place to power it from a ArduPilot system? GPS adapter board? shield board? It needs clean 3.3v I think. (opps I ordered the shield without the 3.3v regulator)"
Oct 26, 2009
Darro Lin posted a discussion
I want to connect some extra analog sensors and am looking for advice.I have the latest ArduPilot board, new (blue) Shield with pressure sensor (economic version -- no 3.3v regulator), and ublox GPS board + adaptor board.Specifically, I want to…
Oct 25, 2009
Darro Lin posted a discussion
I just got my ArduPilot and when I try to upload code, Arduino says it can't find easystar.hIn the manual it discusses a path to put this file in on a PC, but that directory structure does not exist on a mac. Where can I put #include files so that…
Oct 24, 2009