3,2,1... Blink !!!


Big thanks to Sandro for tutoring me on that one :)


There is an option to connect LEDs to the IMU, using the same pins we going to control 12V LED Strips :)

You can get those at Hobby-King:


Next we need this guy:



Important thing is not to go over 700mA, on all channels. So the LED strips can't be longer than 9 LEDs per arm.

check LEDs datasheet, maybe you can use more (or less) 




Here is some pictures of the process :)


Green,Red and 2X Blue, wires going to LDE Strips.



Cut the long legs :) and shrink tube it.3689415032?profile=originalAnd you done:)


Here is the leds.pde, it have that blinking part in it, but you can go crazy here :)


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  • Go here

    Its the bees knees

  • Cool.
    If you need a test subject for the code at all, I am interested.
    I just built a little board based on this mod for the LED's that I would like to put out as a do it yourself build and would like to use this code for running it.


  • No, this is a compile time option.  I'm working on something that is usable from within MP. Hopefully out with the next release of Arducopter.

  • Ok, here is my stupid question, What do you do wtih the LEDS.PDE file when you get that far?

    I assume that it is fed into the Mission Planner some how, but how/where?

  • Developer

    Nice work! What is the limiting factor in the 700mA number? I have an octo configuration and I would like to use 8 LED strips.

  • haha! that is pretty cool! now just needs to dance to music ;)
  • Nice, is there a bigger version of the IC that I could use?
  • 3D Robotics
    Excellent! Added to the manual here.
  • Developer

    Yeah, it's working! Congratulations by the Disco Club Quad! :)

  • By far the most exciting post of a very pants personal week for me thank you for cheering me up.
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