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  • are there future plans for adding a third top motor mount for a 3 axis system?

  • What is the weight of this gimbal ?

  • Hi Doug

    Thanks for your interrest for my gimbal.

    You can buy one directly on sculpteo :

  • Julien Watier, I'm very interested in purchasing a couple of these.  Do you have any for sale?

  • Do you plan to sell these anytime soon?  Also, do you have camera mounts that support GoPro Hero 2 cameras?

  • Hi

    An update of the open brushless gimbal for a better suspension system  :


  • Thomas, what kind of motors are you using?  On my hexcopter, I am using Avroto 2814 and they are warm, but not anything near hot after a nine minute flight.  Last year when I had a slightly twisted motor, they got hot trying to maintain a heading, but with all the motors straight, everything is at a good temperature --- and my flying area is at  6300 ft.

  • Great flyiing Julien, I personally could not do FPV through the gimbal, my internal gyros would be all confused! And the gimbal looks like it works very well. Good job. I will post a video of mine when I am finished.

  • I've juste put a demo video on youtube :

  • @Julien Watier: From a balance standpoint, the GoPro has most of it`s weight on the left side of the lens (battery) so it makes more sense to put the pitch motor to the right of the lens. The pitching assembly will then have a natural tendency to center around the lens. As a result, the roll motor will be somewhat aligned with the lens, not that it is a huge issue, I just think it makes more sense. That way, you need less counterweight too so the whole gimbal will be lighter. Just my two cents worth. The GoPro camera sucks for FPV, you are better off with a micro cell phone format camera with 600 VTL that weighs nothing for the FPV part. Besides, you don`t want to fly a quad FPV with the camera on the gimbal, you will crash it in no time.

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