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3DR Announces the Release of New FPV Kit

3689626493?profile=originalOur First-Person View (FPV) Kit includes everything you need to start live streaming a video feed from the GoPro on your IRIS+ or X8+. Thanks to the 7-inch Bright View™ monitor’s sharp contrasts and LED backlight, you’ll see the live feed clearly on even the brightest days. Additionally, the powerful 5.8 GHz 32-channel wireless receiver won’t display a “blue screen” if the signal gets weak, which means you can fly farther without losing your first-person view. Your range is further extended with the included high-gain cloverleaf antennae for both video transmitter and diversity receiver. Small, lightweight and powerful, the Bright View™ even allows you to view two channels simultaneously for serious mission control. With an integrated receiver, built-in battery and CNC mounting bracket, the Bright View™ display won’t have any unwieldy wires cramping the style of your controller. And the kit is a plug and play, making installation easy in less than 5 minutes with no tools necessary for assembly.

Kit includes:
Monitor and receiver
5.8 GHz 200 mW Wireless AV Transmitter
Cloverleaf antennas
Tarot GoPro Video Cable
Mounting bracket for controller
Power cable
Mounting velcro

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  • Local Iidiot,

    That connector will come with the video transmitter when you buy it.  you will then need to solder the two JST connectors (the red ones) to that connector.

  • JST and that one is a 2 pin connector

  • What is the technical name for the black connector that goes into the transmitter?


  • There is no battery with this kit.  Very nice clean kit. Here is the video installation:



  • Is there any diagram on how this is mounted internally? Is this using the 900mah 3s battery as transmitter source?

  • @Dan Sounds like you have something really nice going! I'm very interested in a packaged for general consumption. Like you say the LB is very expensive and not really made for non-DJI stuff.
  • @Dan

    Do both analog and LB cut out at the same time, if both were on an imagery flying machine ? If one cuts out considerably before the other what are the specifics ?

  • @Lars - once I have the current system perfected, I plan to work on integrating HDMI inputs. It shouldn't be hard, it's just not my focus right now.

  • @Thomas, that's fine, it sounds like you're happy with analog. Some users are going to want to step up to HD quality, and may be OK doing that at the risk of not having the clean fade. Though I will say, the way I am doing my HD stream, it will start to "degrade" prior to fully cutting out. That is an unintended side effect of the transmission method.

    @mP1, I've used a LightBridge, it works pretty well. I was actually really psyched though, I expected it to be way better that the solution I had put together, but the latency is the same if not worse. In the case of the LightBridge, it looks like the video does completely cut out when signal degrades. Still, it's a great product, just very expensive (and not really made for non-DJI stuff)

  • @Thomas

    Sure digital breaks up into a completely useless picture, but the Lightbridge has an RSSI display on the OSD which helps you know when youve gone too far. If you fly behind a group of trees you will also have a view that is totally unusable, the display will be totally broken up with a very faint outline ifyour lucky. In other cases, you will have no view and need to reverse or autopilot RTH.

    Imnot sure having never had first hand experience with a LB, but i somehow im guessing both work when you have good signal and both become unusable when you have interference.

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