3m twin boom pusher SUSPECTOR


I published some of the images of this project already on myPage. Actually I wanted to copycat the Swiss army drone scout 95, but I changed the tail design during the build phase. I started with a Google SketchUp drawing I made, but as I changed the design it's not actualized. I used a Clark-y profile.

The particular thing is that the rear landing gear is not on the body but on the wings as on the scout 95. I tried to build all really solid. I tested the lading gears hitting it with a 1 pound hammer. This bird has to land in rough unknown terrain. I estimate the TOW around 15Kg. I hope flaps and airbrakes will allow me to land not too fast.

I will use APM, but I need to manage much more communication systems (GPRS and Wi-Fi) in addition to an xBee868. So I will have a proxy processor to manage the APM (I guess an Arduino Mega). Redundancy is mandatory, as I want to get a license for experimental flight out of LOS here in Switzerland. I have already build an own power box that manages 4 batteries in 2 power circuits. One for avionics and one for rc rx, servos and ignition. A stand-alone GPS/GSM Tracker can shut-down the engine and start a fail-safe sequence. Here I still am looking how I can figure out if the APM has crashed or the plane has lost all communication to the ground station (an completely autonomous is not allowed. Even the army cannot fly w/o a data link to the drones) 

The propulsion is a 2.stroke gas engine. Now it's a 30cc but I will go for 40 or 50cc.

My roadmap is to take it in the air in late spring as normal rc plane and test the flight features. APM and avionics will be tested o other airframes till I'm sure the system will be reliable. I will update this blog with some images more soon.

Actually I work on the FPV system that will be active for close and mid range flights. I will post this as a separate project.


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  • yes i would love to build one

  • Would you mind publishing the plans you do have?

  • Folks, here's my recent experience with putting an APM on a nitro plane. Its mounted in my OS46AX powered trainer and it looks like its working quite well. Tried doing some datalogging a couple of weeks ago but stuffed it up. Today was much better. I have the APM mounted on the lid of what will be the electronics box by three nylon bolts and standoffs (I wish the designers had put another mounting hole on the APM board; three just doesn't look stable). No problems with the nylon bolts shaking loose. This lot is then bolted onto two rails in the main body of the plane but it "floats" on rubber mounts between the lid and the rails. I actually used rubber window seal cut to length for the mounts. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the shield not being able to be bolted down but a few spots of hot glue will ease that concern I think. Its not in the same league as your Suspector but it seems to do it for my 7.5cc engine.


    Nice plane by the way. I hope to eventually do something similiar myself. Good luck with it.

  • That's a HK RCG 26cc. But it's a placeholder and I think won't fly with this one. I will go with a bigger 40 or 50cc.

    I haven't started it yet becuse I test all my engines on the plane itself and I still haven't finished the covering work. Vibration will be there for sure, even "normal" rc planes need to reduce vibration. The regular rc electronics aren't so much more vibration resistant than an APM. So heavy dumping will di the job I guess.

  • nice work!
    which  engine that you use. and what about the vibrations?



  • I'm using a nitro plane myself, and hopefully should be flying it this week sometime.  I'll let you know how it handles the vibration.
  • I will reduce vibration as much as possible. I think this can be done because in other gas or nitro planes and - especially - helicopters sensors like gyros aren't so much affected by vibration. My motor has rubber damper suspension and the electronics box will have a suspension as well.

  • I hope APM's sensor wont affect from vibrations cuz of engine. Let us know about your first test; maybe i can change my engine to gas too.
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