Canberra, ACT

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Plenty of time on the R/C plane simulator and I've learnt to fly the real thing (R/C that is). Built my trainer from a kit and currently working on putting together my first low wing kit.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I've gotten interested through following UAV Outback Challenge online.



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Warren Osborne replied to Trent's discussion Lost $600 worth of gear today, time to get telemetry??
"You might want to check the version being sold in the store are the C-Tick approved variety. Once you get them, change the firmware to the International version using the XCTU software (get it from the digi.com website). The International firmware…"
May 17, 2011
Warren Osborne replied to Wayne's discussion Easy Star Question
Interesting. With the long boom, the motor behind the CG and most of the battery weight there too I would have thought the CG would have be well aft of what they recommend as the appropriate position - 78mm from the leading edge if memory…"
Apr 29, 2011
Warren Osborne replied to Wayne's discussion Easy Star Question
"Hi Wayne. Hope your Easy Star build is going okay.
The plane's CG is a bit of a balancing act. You'll need to try and redistribute weight to maintain the CG of your plane. For the Easy Star that's not necessarily easy (no pun intended) and as you…"
Apr 28, 2011
Warren Osborne commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post AMA Member versus R/C Beginner
"I was laughing so much I almost fell off my chair!"
Apr 27, 2011
Warren Osborne commented on Duane Brocious's blog post Latest Notice from the FAA on (s)UAS operations published 3/28/2011
"Roughly 27.06 nautical miles if you also hold your transmitter about 4 feet off the ground - assuming the world was perfectly round of course. :-)
Apr 24, 2011
Warren Osborne replied to Al Ros's discussion Magnetometer "disabled"
Did you do a "compass on" from the setup menu? I was having similar troubles - could test the compass using the code from the examples folder but kept getting a compass disabled message from the APM 2.x software. Then I discovered I needed to…"
Apr 15, 2011
Warren Osborne commented on Stefan Olofsson's blog post Easy Star Bathtub mod :-)
"My understanding of it is, you should be right as long as the pitot tube is not affected by disturbed air flowing around the fuselage (or wing) of your plane. So keep it a little away from the plane's body wherever you put it. That's why its toward…"
Mar 30, 2011
Warren Osborne posted a photo
First successful datalogging flight (27 March 2011)of my APM + OilPan Rev H mounted in my OS46AX powered nitro trainer.
Mar 26, 2011
Warren Osborne commented on Marco Glattfelder's blog post 3m twin boom pusher SUSPECTOR
"Folks, here's my recent experience with putting an APM on a nitro plane. Its mounted in my OS46AX powered trainer and it looks like its working quite well. Tried doing some datalogging a couple of weeks ago but stuffed it up. Today was much better.…"
Mar 26, 2011
Warren Osborne replied to Simon Clements's discussion Underwater glider UUV with Ardupilot
You certainly have access to most of the sensors you would need to do an INS for the glider. A pressure sensor for measuring the depth of the dive would probably be useful. If your hull compresses during the dive you might be able to do it…"
Mar 8, 2011
Warren Osborne posted photos
Mar 3, 2011