5 Things Apple and DJI Have in Common


Apple and DJI are pioneering companies that manage to consistently stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Few people would argue with that statement.

But, what common denominators do these companies share that could provide clues to their incredible success?

Well, let’s take a look...

 1. Innovative technology

Apple is synonymous with cutting-edge and user-friendly technology. The iPad, iPhone and MacBook are just some examples of Apple’s amazing ability to create innovative and popular products.

DJI is doing something very similar with drones. Already, they sell more consumer drones around the world than any other company. How do they manage this? Through being on the forefront of drone technology, while having a keen understanding of consumers wants and needs.

 2. Cool design

No one competes with Apple’s impressive product designs that extend right down to the boxes and power cables. Part of their massive commercial success is due to this one factor alone.

DJI appears to have been influenced from Apple on this. Their Phantom quadcopter range is iconic, memorable and definitely cool. Interestingly, their design appears to have become a default quadcopter look, that several other companies are now emulating. Then there is the DJI Inspire 1. Another distinctive and visually-appealing drone.

 3. Killer branding

With a world-leading market capitalization of over $700 billion, you can be sure that Apple knows a thing or two about branding. It starts with their famous logo, but extends through everything they do - including their physical stores and websites.

DJI has seen colossal growth in the last few years. To get so big, so quickly, they seem to have learned from Apple about great branding. They have a simple but catchy logo, and an engaging strapline: “The Future of Possible.” Their clean, video-rich website is also comparable to Apple’s own site.

 4. Loyal customers

Without customers, new ideas and products (however good) can quickly vanish into the ether. One thing we can be 100% sure of: Apple has incredibly loyal customers. Many of their customers are so passionate about Apple that they choose to buy almost all of their newly-released products. You may be one of these people.

DJI is rapidly gaining similar customer dedication. They’ve managed to make owning and flying drones both exciting and rewarding. DJI drone owners love to learn, share and be part of the DJI drone community. Of course, the quality of their products is the key reason why customers buy them in the first place - and why they continue to stick with DJI for future purchases and upgrades.

 5. A head start

While not all Apple products have been completely original, they have all been given the “Apple-touch” that has set a benchmark for other companies to follow. A perfect example is the iPad, which quickly became a global success after its release. Competitors found themselves having to play catch-up.

DJI was founded by Frank Wang in 2006. In just 9 years, the Chinese company has taken the world by storm. Their focus on civilian drones has given them tremendous momentum. They’ve had the right products, at the right time. Other companies realise this of course, and are now jumping on the bandwagon (GoPro is a recent example).

Apple and DJI definitely have a lot in common, and maybe one day we may even see a collaboration between the two companies.

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  • DJI's first could be usability and making quadcopters, aerial photography accessible to the masses, but do like your comments 'Laser Developer'

  • Big thumbs up to Chris and DIYDrones for allowing this post - it shows a huge degree of impartiality and that has to be good for the industry.

    James, I think your theory that there are parallels between Apple (one of my favorite companies) and DJI is interesting but perhaps lacks a degree of accuracy. For example, in your point about innovative technology, I haven't seen anything from DJI that could be considered a technological "first". Perhaps more importantly, there is nothing about their approach to technology that makes me think that they really are trying to create a new paradigm, something that Apple does consistently and, no matter what you may think of 3DR, it's something that they try to do everyday.

    A different view of the success of DJI is that they are good at execution, not innovation. In that respect they do parallel Apple but that's only because Apple is the benchmark for just about everything. :)

  • Hey Gary, Jason and naish888,

    Thanks for the feedback!


    Tell us what you think and don't hold back "click bait" probably wouldn't include the whole article and FlightBots.com is run as a hobby and not as a large corporation :)

    Sorry to hear you think all FlightBots posts are "dull and overly commercial" as posts like the below were done to learn about the industry and from the online communities:




    I was hoping the short post might spark a few discussions on where companies like 3DR are positioned and then having to transition from a hobbyist support business to a drone business like DJI.

    Using DIYDRONES.com over the years I have always found the right info when needed e.g. when re-wiring my Nova for autonomous flight using mission planner also the latest product info (some good/some bad).

    In my opinion every community site needs a balance of different posts and articles and my only feedback to you is there are other ways to police this community site, like direct messaging/guiding users and trying to avoid unnecessarily negative comments (link for Bill if needed anger-management ).




    The Home of Friendly Drones helping to promote the world of Drones and the growing positive applications that they can provide

  • Moderator

    I completely agree Bill.

  • Developer

    Maybe this kind of posting can be moved to buzzfeed. As it really is just click bait.

    The idea of posts are to inform DIYDrones of information they are interested in. I think we should ban mydronesellingcompanny.com user names and insist at least a person is the poster. And the post is about generating a discussion.

    Posts by FlightBots.com are dull and overtly commercial (where's the USP here). At least  AKRCGUY has some interesting posts with some effort put in to benefit of members.

    These 'adverts' should be paid for in the margin, and not in the news/blog section and contribute to the site.

  • DJI forgot to learn one of the most successful point of Apple....... Customer support. 

  • One key point that is not mentioned is a closed system.

    Since apple and DJI control the hardware, software, and firmware they can ensure it all jives together. When using a system that supports multiple hardware types, frames, gimbals, functions, etc. It is very difficult to make it 100% reliable since there are so many variables at play and many you don't have control over.

  • Interesting points.

    Apple made no bones abut being a market driven company from the start and DJI seems to be following the same path.

    And while Steve Jobs did impose a clean Bauhaus style design ethic on Apple,

    DJI seems to have followed suit.

    Visual design often triumphs over technology.

    But both of them do seem to provide a reasonably capable and well polished (now at least) product.

    And they are now both at the top of their respective games, so you probably can't argue with their approach.



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