6 POS Mode Switch

Finally a simple and reliable solution.

came out with a 6-way mode switch.

the solution that will make your life easier. REALLY.



First to credits - Max Levine has firstly shown this method here, using 'off the shelf' resistor values, which might work, but keep on reading to find out why exact values are important.


i came out with a small rotary switch, that fits EXACTLY the space in Turnigy 9X.

it is intended for replacing the PIT TRIM knob. top left of your radio.


i calculated and found out the exact values that will give nearest PWM values to these needed by the APM to stay reliable in the middle of the position range, which means no accidental mode switching.



You can get it now - with low cost WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

please check out the 6 position mode switch for ardupilot on ebay


No more mixing and setting for 2\3 way switches of your radio !!!
No more hard-to-remember switch combinations !!




Some theory and explanation:
there are 6 slots for 6 positions.
the PWM value is detected and according to it - the position(and flight modes) are set.
these are the position SWITCHING POINT values: 1230, 1360, 1490, 1620, 1760
which means, we have to target the MIDDLE of the switching points to stay on a certain mode, with the safest margin from the switching point value.
except for the first and last positions (0&5) where we can be even safer, choosing the very first and very last value of range.
you end getting this as IDEAL pwm values for modes:
1085 (or lowest your radio will allow)
1920 (or highest your radio will allow)

Now the catch
mathematically it's easy to calculate the needed resistors, because these are steady steps, and could use the same value resistors.
BUT IN PRACTICE my testing have shown that the resistance scale is not totally linear with the pwm values.
the reason is quite simple - the radio seem to use some resistor on the incoming +5v rail to the voltage divider (the pot trim) - to limit the current going to the ADC reading chip when the pot is set to full 5v side.
thus the center of the pot (or other resistor) won't give the center of the ADC reading needed.
at least that is what i found with the Turnigy 9x which is very popular. i believe other radios are behaving similar.
This is the reason that probably different radio gear will need different resistors values,
and for the same reason I RECOMMEND THE PRODUCT FOR THE TURNIGY 9X RADIO which is the one i used to find the values. I found the best values to use are (from the GND side to 5v side) 3k9,1k3,1k3,1k3,2k2. all 1% tolerance. can't guarantee it will work at exact values with other gear.

What I've done:
since reliability can't be achieved using 'pre-calculated' values resistors,
i have done careful testings for the exact resistor values that gave the nearest possible to the ideal PWM values above.

Why get it ready made ?
- the price is really similar to ordering the parts individually with shipping costs
- I use high precision 1% resistors which are harder to find - which lead to better accuracy on the values.
- I use a switch that FITS the radio for sure. no guessing...
- it's easier, faster, and doesn't require lot of work to install.
- all switches are tested to be working and for correct PWM values








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  • I use a FlySky T6 and like to use VRA or B for my camera gimbal so I only have one channel left for flight modes. My choices are limited to a 2 way toggle switch or replacing the other pot with a 3 way or more switch. Up till now I have just used the pot as a 3 way by selecting Mode 1 stabilize, 2345 all as Loiter and 6 as RTL. By selecting the same modes for 2345 it's not so hit or miss.  I like this 6 way mod as it just opens up all the possibilites for me without having to buy a more expensive radio. How do I check what type of pot is in the T6?

  • Gents, firstly great work ARHEXA on the write-up... longing for the LED Feedback part, I decided to figure it out and do a write up... 




  • so is there some programming becase i cant get 6 modes


  • Please help

    I installed the 6-position mode switch, but don't know how to set up transmitter to display switch results for modes in mission planner. Do I use channel 5? Thro hold,pit trim adjust?????


  • Do you have any experiance using this switch with non stock firmware im using er9x firmware was wondering if this would make a difference thanks

  • Admin

    Good mod except is it worth 30$  may sway us from opting such a transplant mod and live with What Doug mentioned. I too use mixing  1 two position switch and available Pot on my JR 8301 like many, works fine so far.

  • I just put one in tonight and it only took about 10 mins.

    I like the option of using 6 modes without the switch mixing.

    I also installed the Flytron long range system with the 7watt booster.  It was the whole reason I bought the 9x.  Plug and play so far.

  • Look

    More than 10 available
    On ebay , already 9 sold BUT backorder time of 14 days ??? Strang way of bussiness
  • OK, you guys could use my channel adding/hacking technology. I have hacked tx's for a while now. If it is pos or neg shift PPM, I can read the PPM and outpit modified PPM by inserting an Arduino mini. Look for the wires that go to the trainer sw. It all runs from ISR's and hardware timers & works very well. I saw in/out on my 2 ch scope and its perfect as far as I can see.

    I read the input PPM, ch 1-4 is pushed thru and the rest are synthed all using the same 16 bit timer. PM me if you want the code. You need a scope to see whats going on.


  • Right i agree, but it's nice to be able to get 6 modes on one easy switch...

    hacking ? the situation is always reverse-able - you can switch back to the pot trim...

    hardware-wise, the rotary position switch is the most convenient to use... but it sure is a question of personal preference...

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