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  • +1 Damouav, definitively is a joke guys.

  • I suggest a different title:
    People are not ready for the mass consumer drone

  • 100KM

    That's the worst possible place to take off - enough sky to fool the FC that there is GPS visibility, but hdop must have been sky high. She probably didn't spend 2 minutes reading the quick start guide. I'm surprised that it didn't warn her and allowed the GPS mode - unless she overrode it...

  • @Quadzimodo I hope it's sarcastic

  • People who have no idea, don't do their research, don't read the instructions and/or fail to exercise due care suffer the consequences. Pretty simple really, and no different to many other consumer products.

    Seriously Pete, would you have tried to take off in the location she did? I certainly wouldn't have! Would you have taken off immediately after the first crash if you didn't understand what happened the first time? I certainly wouldn't have?

    She clearly hasn't got the faintest sense of control over the drone either, and can't even stop it drifting a few inches a second when it is oriented optimally and just a few feet in front of her. Anyway, who cares, it is not like she had to pay for it. Plus her large support base of subscribers could use a lesson like this on how silly and heartbreaking it can be to just power it up and see what happens.

    This is not the type of post I have come to expect from a member sporting a 'developer' badge, and I hardly see how this video or your argument supports the blanket statement that "Drones are not ready for the mass consumer market".
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