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Multi-Rotor BASE from Mikey B on Vimeo.

We shot this over a few days using my 3D printed quad and a brushless gimbal I designed to go along with it. I printed out everything on a Replicator Dual. Total print time was around 20 hours. The arms take the longest. Roughly 4-5 hours (2 at a time) with the settings required for strength and rigidity. The gimbal parts can all be printed in on go and takes about 4 hours when you include the battery tray.

The gimbal controller is a Martinez 3.0, which I must say was a real pain to get setup.  I don't think I have everything dialed in perfectly because if you pitch too quickly the gimbal will freak out.  But I am very happy with the results.  For my flight controller I am using a KK blackboard.  I'm not unhappy with it as I have used these for nearly every Multi Copter I've made, but the quad would definitely benefit from a APM.

I will be headed out to Moab this weekend for the "Turkey Boogie" a BASE jumper gathering over Thanksgiving, hopefully I will come back with some more footage.  Moab is incredible and is just as much a playground for FPV pilots as it is for BASE jumpers, climbers, hikers, bikers, etc.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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  • Hah nice work on the video. I bet they give permission for people to walk onto the turbine blades all the time!

  • No comment ;)
  • Special permission ? ;-P

    It's more "Jump and Run" than "Ask permission and wait", i think !


  • I am the king of the divan!

    Qu'elle me dit en passant


    I am sofa king cool!


    That song is perfect for that video.  Excellent!

  • Do you guys need special permission to jump off those Wind Turbines?

  • GoPro 2

  • Excellent footage... what camera were you using on the night shots?

  • I'm not sure what the max flight time is nor the gross weight (I don't have a scale with me at the moment).  But before adding the gimbal it was roughly 1350 grams all up, so I'm guessing its about 1500 at the moment.  I don't have a OSD on it so I am leery of discharging too much but Just hovering it around for these shot I was doing 8-10 minute flights with probably 15.5v left on the 4 cell when I recharged it.  

  • Moderator

    Nice work/jump Mike. What is the flight time of this quad?

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